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About Richmond About Richmond

 In Richmond an ancient world awaits anyone who wants to discover it!  The foundations that our town is built on provide a unique glimpse into the prehistoric past, as the world was 100 million years ago during the Cretaceous period.


 They tell a story of when Richmond was submerged under the vast Ancient Inland Sea. In that sea lived a variety of creatures great and small, whose remains have provided us with perhaps the finest fossil found anywhere on earth.The Kronosaurus Korner complex was designed to display the fossils that are prolifically around Richmond area and is considered Australia's most exciting Marine Fossil exhibit.


Today, Richmond, half-way between Townsville and Mt Isa, on the banks of the Flinders River, is recognised as being one of the most beautiful little towns in Queensland and a town that has always taken pride in its appearance.  


Richmond has always been recognised as one of the most attractive outback towns in Australia and in 2001 Richmond won the title of Australia's Tidy Town of the Year.

Streets are lined with striking native garden beds, parks and recreation areas and these are always neat, well kept and green.  The town has the social and economic facilities and amenities equal to much larger towns.


Richmond has a council that is extremely pro-active in the region's development and a council that has taken the lead in helping make the town a better place which to live.


The town's accessibility is mainly East-West, by road along the Overlander's Way (Flinders Highway) and by rail along the Great Northern Railway.  North-South linkages, respectively, are the Richmond to Croydon and Richmond to Winton roads.


The 26,936 sq km Richmond shire has boundaries with Flinders, Croydon, Etheridge, Winton and McKinlay shires.



(Lake Fred Tritton)

(Kronosaurus Korner) (Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre)